Last Monday, 2nd of November, Entomo Agroindustrial successfully delivered its pilot unit to the Valuewaste Pilot Plant in Cañada Hermosa (Murcia Spain). The pilot unit is designed to grow Black Soldier Fly larvae, which later on will be used for the production of protein powder.

The pilot unit from Entomo Agroindustrial is installed in the same facilities as the pilot unit delivered by NURESYS during October 2020 (Shipment of the Nuresys Pilot Unit to Murcia!). The unit delivered by Nuresys is coupled to the anaerobic digestor installed by INDEREN  (INDEREN successfully delivered 2 digester tanks of 100m3 and 20m3) where urban biowaste is initially treated. Altogether, the different pilot units will work to carry out processes developed and designed by the Valuewaste project.