The Valuewaste General Assembly took place on the 9t and 10 of October of 2019 in Kalundborg, Denmark. It gathered together all the Valuewaste Project partners after 1 year of project execution.

The General Assembly was organized by CETENMA (Technological Centre for Energy and the Environment ), coordinator of VALUEWASTE. For 2 days, the consortium’s 17 partners got together to analyse the progress of the project so far, as well as to discuss the next steps to take the next year (in 2020).

What happened on the General Assembly?

Day 1 (October 9)

All project partners had the chance to present their work and the actions taken durign the first year of the project in their respective Work Packages. Work Packages cover a wide variety of topics, all relevant for the development of the project:

  1. WP1 – Selective collection of urban biowaste: pilot experience
  2. WP2 – Protein conversion using biogas and methanotrophic bacteria
  3. WP3- Conversion of urban biowaste to protein via Black Soldier Fly larvae
  4. WP4 – Nutrients recovery from urban biowaste
  5. WP5 – End-consumer products validation
  6. WP6- Future large-scale plants
  7. WP7 – Exploitation & Results
  8. WP8 – Evaluate social acceptance
  9. WP9 – Regulatory framework, EU policy and standardisation
  10. WP10 – Dissemination and Communication
  11. WP11 – Ethics Requirements
  12. WP12 – Risks and Overall Project Management

General Assembly: Executive Board Meeting

Work Package leaders were invited to participate in the Executive Board Meeting. All Work Package leaders, including the Project Coordinator (CETENMA) and the Communciation Partner (Innovarum), discussed more in depth plans and strategies to follow in 2020.

Day 2 (October 10)

During the second day of the General Assembly the leaders of the different Work Packages met in smaller groups to discuss specific topics of their work.

Overall, the whole meeting was a successfull experiece. It allowed all project partners to share their progress, ask and solve questions and think about future actions.

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ValueWaste Team