A Danish delegation visited Murcia to learn from the actions the Murcia City Council has launched in connection with the circular economy project VALUEWASTE.

Like this, representatives from the municipality of Kalundborg and Kalundborg Symbiosis, as well as Danish companies like UNIBIO, Food and Bio Cluster Denmark, the NGO Impact Designs y Gemidan visited the VALUEWASTE pilot plant in Cañada Hermosa, funded by European Programme H2020.

Besides, the delegation also visited the Murcia waste management plant in Cañada Hermosa, EDAR Murcia Este, EMUASA and the facilities of the insect farming company Entomo Agroindustrial.

The initiative is coordinated by CETENMA (national technology centre) and funded by the European Programme H2020. Its goal is to develop technical solutions from urban biowaste (organic residues).

The project develops three value chains, two of them in Murcia and the third one in Kalundborg (Denmark). In Murcia, VALUEWASTE works on the obtention of protein for food feed from black solder fly larvae fed with biowastes and on the development of biofertilizers from the drying of urban biowaste. The third and last option takes place in Denmark and works to development of food and feed ingredients from the anaerobic digestion of the biowastes

In summary, it is a research action funded by European funds that proposes developing three innovative value chains to transform organic residues into proteins and biofertilizers.

The councillor for European Programs, Juan Fernando Hernández, said: “It is a clear example of successful public-private collaboration and a new opportunity for the professionals who have participated in this project to continue its development. This type of exchange of experiences, financed by the European Union, allows us to establish future collaboration ties in areas such as sustainability or innovation”.

Councillor Carmen Fructuoso stated that: “this project is about joining forces with other European cities to achieve more circular municipalities”.

The VALUEWASTE project also seeks to promote new opportunities in the waste management industry, supporting the development of new jobs while reducing the volume of residues that end up in landfills.

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