VALUEWASTE was born to help answer the world’s rising urban biowaste management challenges. For 4 years, it has worked to develop circular, sustainable and efficient biowaste valorisation schemes for cities across Europe.

The 20 of October, VALUEWASTE organised at El Batel Auditorium and Conference Center (Murcia, Spain) a final public conference to present the results of 4 years of work and debate with experts and related actors about the present and future challenges of the bioeconomy at the urban level.

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Who was the event for?

The event was aimed at waste management companies, municipalities and local entities interested in the selective collection of organic waste, biotechnology companies, the scientific and academic community and anyone interested in promoting the circular economy at a local level.

Topics tackled

The event reviewed different key areas such as:

  1. Selective collection of urban biowaste, with examples of the actions carried out in Murcia (ES) and Kalundborg (DK)
  2. Technologies for urban biowaste upcycling
  3. Citizen awareness and acceptance of biowaste derived products

To close up the event, Véronique Woulé Ebongué, Project Adviser of the European Research Executive Agency (REA) and keynote speaker of the event, said:

It is worth pointing out the biowaste collection challenge and the social acceptance challenge-the project has implemented very good communication and awareness raising campaigns and has involved all stakeholders

Additionally, attendants also visited an exhibition showcasing materials developed for the VALUEWASTE campaigns, end-products, and project videos… etc.

The conference was held in English, with simultaneous translation to and from Spanish.

A joint opportunity: VALUEWASTE & SCALIBUR

VALUEWASTE organised its final event hand in hand with its friend project SCALIBUR, who organised its final conference the day before (19/10/2022) in Valencia (ES): “Breaking barriers to make the most of biowaste”. This event will present new innovative technologies and methods to aid waste collection

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