On the 17th of November 2021, the VALUEWASTE Plant in Cañada Hermosa in Murcia (Spain) opened its doors to the consortium, the media and local policy representatives to officially launch the start of the valorisation activities of the project.

The VALUEWASTE Plant was inaugurated together by José Antonio Serrano, Murcia City Mayor, and Carmen Fructuoso, Councillor for Sustainable Mobility and Street Cleaning, who introduced to the attendants the relevance of the Plant for the municipality.

The Opening Event was organised by FERROVIAL, the project partner in charge of the selective collection of urban biowaste in Murcia. CETENMA, the project coordinator, hosted the event and participated in the organisation.

VALUEWASTE, a sustainable solution for urban biowaste management

The VALUEWASTE Plant receives biowaste from the brown containers installed in Murcia. Then, biowaste is transported to the Plant in Cañada Hermosa, where different technologies valorise it into high-value-added products: biofertilisers and ingredients with food and feed applications.

All in all, the VALUEWASTE technologies contribute to the development of new circular and sustainable business models for urban biowaste management across EU cities like Murcia.

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