VALUEWASTE is happy to announce that a pre-normative document has been published by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN): CWA 17866:2022 “Key factors for the successful implementation of urban biowaste selective collection schemes”

This document is the main output of the VALUEWASTE Standardization Task, led by UNE. UNE identified the work carried out at VALUEWASTE (especially within WP1) as an opportunity for standardization on the topic: ‘key factors for the successful implementation of urban biowaste selective collection schemes”. The idea was then supported by sister projects Scalibur, HOOP, WaysTUP! and Cityloops, leading to the development of the first-of-its-kind European pre-standard, which is crucial to developing circular cities.

Press release (EN)

VALUEWASTE partners involved

This major standardization milestone was developed in less than 1 year by the CEN Workshop “KEY-BIOWASTE”. Pedro Gustavo Rodríguez, PREZERO (VALUEWASTE WP1 leader) and Tania Marcos, UNE (as secretary), chaired the initiative. Relevant project partners such as CETENMA (project coordinator), EUBIA (WP9 leader) and the cities of Kalundborg and Murcia, together with individuals of relevant organisations from Spain and across Europe, participated and actively contributed to it.

Publication of the CWA 17866

Finally, CETENMA announced the publication of CWA 17866 at the recent ROOTS Conference “Circular Policies for changing the biowaste system” on the 27th of September. Then, the achievement was also presented at the 11th plenary meeting of the European Standards Committee CEN/TC 465 “Sustainable Cities and Communities” on 21st Sept.

It is available for free download at:

Download CWA 17866

Would you like to make this CWA available in your country?

Contact your national standardisation organisation to request the CWA to be available in your country: this will show standardisation organisations that there is a demand for the document. The CWA 17866 document has been translated into Spanish and will be published as Spanish standard by UNE very soon.

Spread the news of the publication of this CWA 17866:2022! It may be the first step for a future European or International Standard

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