The 28th of February of 2020, the Murcia City Council together with Ferrovial and Cetenma (Project Coordinator) officialy lanched the start of the “selective recovery” of organic residues in the neighbourhood of “La Flota”, Murcia. The brown countainer of the Murcia Communication Campaign of the Valuewaste Project – MurciaSumaUno – is now on the streets!

Valuewaste brown container

What can go inside the brown container?

The brown container is designed for organic residues. That includes: fruit, vegetables and food leftovers; egg, seafood and dried fruit shells; coffee & tea grounds and corks, sawdust and matches.

Items that do not go in this container are: diapers, pads, wet wipes, cigarette butts, dust from sweeping, mud, earth, animal excrement, cat litter, hair, kitchen paper or napkins.

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ValueWaste Team