Last Tuesday 28th of September, the Murcia City Council (Valuewaste Project partner) launched a series of videos on recipes using insect flour to raise awareness of the potential of insects as a food ingredient. The event counted with the participation of Juan Fernando Hernández Piernas (Spanish Councillor for European Programs, Municipal Initiatives and Public Roads), who introduced the Valuewaste project to the audience; as well as with the participation of the project coordinator, CETENMA.

Pablo González Conejero: the chef behind the recipes

The presentation of the videos took place at Cabaña Buenavista, the restaurant of the Chef behind the recipes presented: Pablo González Conejero.

PABLO GONZÁLEZ (Murcia, 1971) started his gastronomic career at Flanigan, in Palma de Mallorca, guided by Javier Morales, who was his first and main introducer in the complex world of gastronomy. (…)  La Cabaña Restaurant was created in 2004, known today as Cabaña Buenavista.

The videos: 7 recipes

The videos feature recipes inspired in different countries, cultures, culinary techniques and traditions around the world. Now, they are all available at the Youtube Channel of the Murcia City Council:

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