The Valuewaste Innovation team will meet for the first time in September. This Team is a working group within the Valuewaste project created to start the discussion on the post-project commercialisation strategy. The Team will carry out various activities:

  1. Update market research, including follow up prices evolution for key compounds of interest.
  2. Carry out a technology scan for future developments.
  3. Evaluate different business models.
  4. Develop a common post-commercialisation plan.
  5. Invite external experts to discuss topics of interest for results exploitation.
  6. Meet annually to exchange views and ideas.

Members of the Innovation Team

The dedicated Innovation Team counts with the participation of partners directly involved in innovation commercialisation, which include:

  • UniBio A/S
  • Food & Bio Cluster Denmark
  • NuReSys
  • EkoBalans

Check here all Valuewaste Project Partners.

Coordinator of the Innovation Team

The Innovation Team is coordinated by Food & Bio Cluster Denmark, an entity with wide experience in fostering innovation in the agri-food sector. The coordinator of the team is Dr. Kell Andersen, PhD in Protein Biophysics from Aalborg University in 2009.

kell andersen valuewaste
kell andersen valuewaste

Kell has more than 10 years of experience with green innovation (use of enzymes and microbial conversion of biomass to novel bio-chemicals) and is currently the project manager on several projects relating to biorefining and valorisation of biomass.

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