Valuewaste partner, Agro Business Park (ABP), received a Chinese delegation on August 29. The delegation members were: China Polypeptide Group (中国多肽产业集团)and HongShun Group (泓顺集团).

A strong collaboration with China is very important for the future of Europe” Kell Andersen, Project Management of Agro Business Park.

valuewaste abp china

Agro Business Park had the opportunity to present the Valuewaste Project to both groups: its 3 processes and expected impacts. Aditionally, Agro Business Park showed them around the facilities.

Valuewaste 3 processes:

valuewaste process

Review of the Valuewaste project expected impacts:

  1. Promote urban biowaste collection
  2. Contribute to EU self-sufficiency on strategic resources
  3. Improved perception of citizens on urban biowaste as a local source of valuable materials
  4. Provide scientific and experienced-based data 

For more information about Agro Business Park and our partners check our Project Partners section.


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