On October 25th, Valuewaste took part of the CLIMATHON Murcia 2019.


Valuewaste climathon

CLIMATHON Murcia 2019 was organised by CETENMA together with ALEM, Local Energy Agency of the Municipality of Murcia. The “CLIMATHON” event idea comes from EIT Climate-KIC, a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC). Then, this Community is part of the The European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT): an independent body of the European Union.

The EIT Climate-KIC explains that thi event is:

…a year-round programme, with a powerful solutions-hackathon at its core, translating climate action solutions into tangible projects, supporting climate positive businesses & start-ups and addressing local policy changes. -EIT Climate-KIC

CLIMATHON Murcia 2019

During the “Climathon Murcia 2019”, the challenge addressed was waste management.

Murcia traditional orchard has a serious problem in terms of waste management collection and valorisation. Currently, these wastes from agricultural activities are not handled properly (…). – CLIMATHON MURCIA 2019

Thus, it was a great context to present the Valuewaste project and to discuss about its potential!

VALUEWASTE proposes an integrated system for urban biowaste valorisation into key strategic products for the EU.

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ValueWaste Team