Valuewaste project partners represented the project in Ecofira 2019 and in a Local Forum on Sustainable Development. More exactly, the partners involved in these events were Ferrovial and the Municipality of Murcia, respectively.

Valuewaste at Ecofira 2019


“the international trade fair for environmental solutions and energies (…).

“… the event (…) for professionals and companies in the sector…”

“An attractive event not only for its commercial offer, but also for its character as a forum for debate and knowledge.”

Ferrovial, project partner, participated in the event and represented the Valuewaste Project. The peak day of the event was the 2nd of October of 2019, when industry and professional attendants were the most relevant.

Valuewaste at the “Foro Comprometidos”, Murcia Municipality

The local TV from the Municipality of Murcia (La7) organised a Forum on Sustainable Development the 17th of October of 2019. The title of the forum was “Comprometidos. Por una Región de Murcia Sostenible” and its goal was to promote and present innovation and sustainability ideas and practices in the Municipalily of Murcia.

Valuewaste project partner, the Municipality of Murcia, introduced and presented the project to the audience.

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ValueWaste Team