This week, mid January 2020, the Murcia Communication Campaign of the Valuewaste Project, MurciaSumaUno, has taken the next steps and mobilised its patrols through the “La Flota Neighbourhood”: the Organic Biowaste Patrols.

The Organic Biowaste Patrols

The Organic Biowaste Patrols are teams of informers that go to fixed information points as well as to homes, businesses, schools, associations, etc to inform about the new waste management system. The new waste management system promoted by the campaign relies on the “brown container”, a new container exclusively dedicated to organic residues.

Succesfull organic waste collection will be key for the replicability of the Valuewaste project in other cities an municipalities acrross Europe. Thus, engaging the population and explaining the in and outs of the system is essential as well!

In the video below, recorded by the Spanish TV “La 7 TV”, can be seen the first actions of the Organic Biowaste Patrols!

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