What is it like working in the #MurciaSumaUno Campaign? Mari Ángeles López, part of the Organic Biowaste Patrols of the Campaign, answers this and other questions!

Videos are in Spanish, you can read the transcription in English below each of them.

How was it like working in the campaign?

Hello, good afternoon, my name is María Ángeles López and I am part of the Valuewaste Organic Patrols. I am going to answer some questions, first, how was it like working in the Campaign?

My experience has been great. Taking part in the Campaign has been positive thanks to the positive response from the citizens. Participating in a new project is always rewarding. We received fantastic training before going out to the streets, the personal and professional challenge was also ambitious. You need to give it your all and I have never lacked enthusiasm.

The people always were very polite and took great interest!

Mari Ángeles López, Organic Biowaste Patrol

What was the most difficult thing to communicate?

One of the biggest challenges we have faced is telling the citizens that they must use a new container in their houses. The response is usually negative: a new container occupies space in their houses, which are already small. However, when you help them understand that they would be doing that for the environment, they usually always end up accepting it. It is a challenge for them and for us.

Beginnings are always complicated, but results are worth it. At first, there were many doubts about what an organic residue was, however, in the end, people understood and collaborated.

Mari Ángeles López, Organic Biowaste Patrol

How was the response of the people informed?

People were, in general, a bit reluctant and hesitant at the beginning because of the novelty. However, as the days went by people have started integrating the new container in their lives without any big issues.

People is usually always incredibly happy to be able to collaborate with us and to do their small contribution for the environment.

Mari Ángeles López, Organic Biowaste Patrol

Is there any significant moment you would like to mention?

There are many, especially with children. Children are a witty audience, from the first moment they started calling the container “the most beneficial and ecological ever” and related the Campaign on biowaste with other Campaigns, like the “Healthy breakfasts campaign”. Through the “Healthy breakfasts campaign”, children are encouraged to eat more veggies and vegetables, which also produce organic residues. They can use them for the new brown container, so they are becoming very aware of its importance. Yes, lots of fruits and vegetables! Like that, their slogan is: “if you eat healthier, the environment eats and becomes healthier as well!”

Children ask questions and interrupt you when you are explaining, however, the excitement in their faces makes the whole experience so much better.

Mari Ángeles López, Organic Biowaste Patrol

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