The #MurciaSumaUno Campaign had to stop many of its onsite, offline activities from April 2020 and throughout the summer of 2020 due to COVID19 restrictions. During that time online activities (social media, webpage…etc) continued and were active.

Later on, in September 2020 the project partners responsible for the Campaign (Ferrovial and the Murcia City Council) met to talk about how to reactivate the campaign in La Flota Neighbourhood (Murcia, Spain) despite the difficult circumstances. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to boost citizens’ participation in the selective collection of organic urban biowaste. Then, the collected biowaste will be used as raw material for the pilot plant that is being set up in Cañada Hermosa (Murcia, Spain) to produce new resources with various applications (food, feed and fertilisers).

Thus, engaging the citizens with the selective collection is very important, and so the reactivation of the Campaign. For that reason, Ferrovial -with the support from the Murcia City Council- has launched a series of new activities (online and offline), paying close attention to safety and to the recommendations and restrictions in place due to the COVID19. These activities mainly include:

  1. The reactivation of the organic biowaste patrols.
  2. New updated activities targeted at local and weekly food Markets.
  3. A review and update of the campaign messages, designs and materials.

“It is time for a bigger contribution, we are grateful for the work so far, but we need more engagement with the campaign.”

Below it is possible to see some pictures of the actions so far:

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